Yes, you can...

Have a job you LOVE, which is meaningful, soulfully FULFILLING and financially REWARDING.

If you dream of transforming your life into something more inspiring and spiritually rewarding, then you've been guided to the right place. Whether you see yourself running your own Holistic Healing business, growing your professional skills, or simply immersing in some inspirational and juicy goodness to feed your soul...We're here to help turn your dream into a reality! Just think... 12 weeks from now, you could be the proud owner of an internationally Certified healing qualification and be treating your first paying clients! Our amazing Transpersonal Crystal Healing Healer and Crystal Healing Certification courses have been designed to take you on your own personal healing journey, while giving you the absolute best learning experience. You'll shine in your new healing career with wisdom, confidence and world-class healing skills! ...So, are you ready to evolve?

You'll Love your Learning Experience...

  • Skill Based Learning

    Our courses focus on hands-on, activity based learning (not just online tutorials!) to develop your knowledge, confidence and professional healing skills 

  • Ongoing Support

    Guidance and support from your own Healing Coach (yes, a real live person!) plus lifetime access to our global online student support group

  • Certified & Accredited

    Our Practitioner qualifications are professionally Certified, Accredited and recognised in 26 countries.  We. Know. Our. Stuff.

What Our Students Say...


"One of the most transformational experiences of my life"


"Thank you for one of the most transformational experiences of my life. Words cannot describe how grateful I feel. I had no idea about the healing potential of crystals...they are so powerful! I have been searching a long time to find a modality that makes my heart sing, allow me to give back to my community and contribute, and that is congruent with my personal values and beliefs. Now I have found it! Your teaching method is profound and unique – you convey knowledge with authenticity, clarity, patience, understanding, compassion and gratitude. You truly went above and beyond any expectations I may have had"

"This course was the best choice I ever made"


"Crystals are one of my passions and working with them every day is a dream come true for me. I am doing what I love and I finally feel like I have found my path. ​I loved every single second of this course and can't wait to do more! This course was the best choice I ever made!"

"The case studies were amazing"


"The course was absolutely wonderful and I learnt so much... everything from crystal properties to healing techniques, healing grids and making crystal elixirs. The assessments and exams were a great way to affirm my newly acquired knowledge in this area and the case-studies were amazing and such a good opportunity to put everything in to practice. Moving forward, I am very excited to go out and incorporate this into my healing work and feel confident in my abilities after studying this course. Thank have brought so much to my work and also to my life on a personal level"

"I can't express the confidence this course has given me"


"As many of us on a spiritual quest know, it's hard to find someone so knowledgeable and integrated into a specific modality to really learn off. Not only have you opened my eyes to the real power of crystals and Mother Earth but have given me the essential tools in helping others overcome blockages and stages in their spiritual evolution. You will be a pioneer in this area and I feel so privileged to learn and be a part of your course. I truly cant express the confidence this course has given me to move on and help others. I am so grateful for the time and energy you have spent on bringing this together. Thank you"

"I highly recommend Kate's course"


"I have enjoyed my crystal healing journey so much that I am now completing the entire Diploma course. I feel blessed to have Kate as my teacher through this part of my journey: Kate is so knowledgeable and inspirational in the modality of crystal healing and enthusiastically shares her knowledge and experience with her students. If crystal healing is a modality you’re interested in, I highly recommend Kate's course, it will open up so many new doors for you on your journey"​

"Incredible ethics and really cares about the integrity of the work and students"


"This course was simply amazing! Top notch quality! I did a lot of research before deciding which crystal healing school would be best for me, my needs/skill level, and my level of standards – which are pretty high if you ask me. Kate has gone above and beyond in meeting those needs through the creation of this course. She has incredible ethics and really cares about the work, the integrity of the work, and her students. I would highly recommend Evolve Holistic Healing to anyone looking to learn more about Crystal Therapy. I look forward to learning more with Level 2!"

Why We Are The Best

At Evolve, we understand that TRUE HEALING requires more than the wave of a magic wand! We believe in training AMAZING healing practitioners with GENUINE SKILLS, industry knowledge and professionally recognised qualifications. Our courses are created by a highly qualified healing practitioner with over 12 year's experience and our students EARN their qualifications through dedicated learning, hands-on experience and reviewed assessments. We. Know. Our. Stuff.

  • Experience-based learning with qualifications you earn through practical assessments and real skill development

  • Accredited, Certified and internationally recognised in 26 countries worldwide

  • Lifetime access to our growing global student network

  • Unlimited support from your personal Evolve Healing Coach throughout your learning journey

  • Quality, sensory-engaging learning materials including video tutorials, printable PDFs, guided meditation, practical lesson activities, quizzes and more

  • Flexible study times and payment options, including cooling off periods and payment plans

  • The only Accredited course provider of 'Transpersonal Crystal Healing' in the world

  • Multi-modality courses that combine energy healing with Transpersonal Psychology and Holistic Counselling for a deeper, more multi-dimensional healing approach

Meet Kate...

Founder | Educational Director

Kate Mantello is the Founder and Educational Director of Evolve. She is the global founder of the 'Transpersonal Crystal Healing' modality and brings over 12 year's experience in holistic healing, shamanism, course facilitation and soulful business development. Kate holds authenticity, integrity and quality in the highest regard, and ensures these qualities flow through every aspect of Evolve and on to our students. She is our Level 2 Healing Coach and willingly shares her best tips and gems of wisdom with our students. She is always available to help support your learning journey from first realisation to final transformation!
Meet Our Team
Meet Kate...